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Author - V.G. Khobrekar
Price - Rs. 375
No. of Pages - 436 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 13.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 340
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  Language - English
    About The Book
Author Dr. V.G. Khobarekar has been a director and secretary of Historical Research Institute and is a noted author of various books on history. With the help of the unused material of the Konkan history author has made an attempt to reconstruct the political history of Konkan together with social and economic aspects.
Konkan has a wide history and had different geographical connotations in different period. The term Aparant is used for Konkan in ancient Indian Literature and term Konkan came in vogue in early period of Christian era. The Konkan coast had a close communication with West Asia, Greece, Rome and Egypt.
Four hundred years ago, the Deccan, the land of Marathas was ruled by the Muslim kings. Shivaji, the great gave a clarion call for independence and established for them a new kingdom and a new dynasty by enthroning himself at Raigad
The book reveals how Shivaji looked after the development of Navy and acquisitioning the sovereignty at sea. Unfortunately it is very painful to know Konkan went into hands of the British in 1818 A. D.
In the later part of this book, author pens down about social organisations which include religion, caste system and village communities. Various important trade and commerce centers in Konkan and the business areas are covered where one can get idea of latest position of Konkan region.
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