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Author - Pramod Mande
Price - Rs. 950
No. of Pages - 432 Pages
Size - 24cmx18cm
Web Price - Rs. 900
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    The book is about a fort guide compprising of 391 different forts from Maharashtra with the illustrative photographs and map.

     Author Pramod Mande himself has visited the forts and based on the observation,he narrates various forts, illustrating the fort,map of its location from nearest village and brief wherabouts of its location.

     The huge list of fort seem to be quite exciting for all the trekkers,though the history of each fort and exact spots to be seen on each fort is a much brief factor.

     Utilising various books as reference for history,the book proves that Maharashtra is truly riched in its forts as a national heritage,worth visiting once atleast.This book consists of forts classified as hill forts,sea forts,forts on coastline and forest forts from all 32 districts in Maharashtra.

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