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Author - P.G. Salvi
Price - Rs. 120
No. of Pages - 179 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 120
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    This is another form of biography of Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji's greatness and valour is widely known as he kept away all the enemies attacking the boundaries of Maharashtra. It glorifies the work done by this great leader for the nation.

    Author specifies the role of Shivaji's associates, forts which proved helpful, conquer of Jawli region, defeat of Afzalkhan are mentioned in second part. Second part reflects the vital people who were the soldiers of Shivaji who fought even at the cost of their lives such as Kanhoji Jedhe, Tanaji Malusare, Bajiprabhu Deshpande, Murarbaji Deshpande, Netaji Palkar, Dadoji Konddev, Hiroji Indulkar and many more

    Keeping up the pace with the important incidents related to the Shivaj era, author includes the war of marathas with mughals, Agra campaign, establishment of Hindawi Swaraj, the polities and administration, some financial issues faced by Shivaji, agriculture, bussiness and trade links with British, relations with French and Dutch, setup of warfare on the west coast by Shivaji, battle of Khanderi, conflict with Siddhis; relations with the Portugese of Goa, work done in Goa and settlement with Portugese and the detailed results of transformation in the whole nation with the deeds of Shivaji Maharaj .

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