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Author - Setu Madhavrao Pagadi
Price - Rs. 250
No. of Pages - 364 Pages
Size - 22cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 250
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    'Chhatrapati Shivaji' is a comprehensive biography of Shivaji Maharaj covering all the chronological historic events with supportive reference from various literature chronicles(Bakhars)available in various languages ie English, Marathi, Urdu Hindi, Persian manuscripts etc.

    All the factual aspects related to Shivaji Maharaj are described with due importance. The events covered give a realistic idea of Shivaji's life, performance and struggle for freedom(Swarajya).

    Shivaji's childhood, Afzalkhan episode, shaistekhan, relation with Jaising, visit to Agra, war with the Mughals, Coronation, Campaign of Jinji and the last two years before death of Shivaji are also property illustrated.

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