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     Sahyadribooks.com is an online book store where in the books related to Sahyadris are available. These books are available in different categories like nature, forts, history, tourism in Sahyadris.

     The website is designed and powered by Merven Technologies, which is engaged in Web Designing and Development along with Design and Development of Print Media. Manoj and Kirti Kelkar, hardcore trekkers, who handle the development activities in Merven Technologies, have brought forward the concept of making available all the books related to Sahyadris and encourage people to explore Sahyadri from this website. Being in trekking as a hobby for over a decade now, they have lot of experience in Sahyadris, be it climbing and seeing forts, travelling along through beaches, visiting various temples and caves, which they intend everybody should enjoy and experience it being our nation's wealth. This all can be achieved through the books on Sahyadris available on website. Many times it is experienced that books on trekking and allied topics are not easily available, when needed. With this online book store, people from anywhere and everywhere can purchase these books online or by phone.

     We also express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Mahesh Tendulkar - a renowned historian, Uday Mule - history and book lover and Shrirang Vaidya - Active member of Trekking Group viz. KshitiZ(Dombivali, Mumbai), history and book lover for their willing guidance and active help at all time.

     For any of your suggestions you can contact us.
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