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Author - Ram Anant Thatte
Price - Rs. 1750
No. of Pages - 183 Pages
Size - 28.5cmx22cm
Web Price - Rs. 1580
First Edition Date - 06/2016
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  Language - English
    About The Book
Much has been written about Ajanta, everyone finds something new or different and is tempted to write newly about it. Mr. Ram Thatte spent several years in Ajanta, living so close to those paintings, day in day out that he almost became one with them. Those characters in the paintings seemed to talk with him as if they were his close buddies. His love for them is evident in the way he salvaged the Shat-Danta Jataja.
The criteria, such as the rhythm in the outlines, the contrast in various forms, proportions, balance, aesthetic scheme and symmetry that he applies while explaining the essence of artistic manifestations in Ajanta, doubles the delight reader in appreciating the beauty of those magnificent caves.
Introduction of this book is written by Dr. M.K. Dhavalikar. This book was originally written in Marathi. The love story of Gill and Parroo is also described in this book.
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