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Author - B.G. Kunte
Price - Rs. 495
No. of Pages - 684 Pages
Size - 26cmx16cm
Web Price - Rs. 495
First Edition Date - 1972
Current Edition Date - 2014
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
Madhyayugeen Kalkhand state Gazetteer has been divided into two parts. In first part Political history is given from fall of Yadav Dynasty to rise of Five Shahis viz. Nijamshah of Ahamednagar, Adilshahi of Vijapur, Emadshahi of Varhad, Baridshahi of Birad, Kutubshahi of Govalkonda, Mughal and History of Maharashtra. In second part Social history is given regarding governance, education, culture, Forts etc. A Comprehensive list of Forts in Maharashtra is also given.
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