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Author - Sachin Pendse
Price - Rs. 500
No. of Pages - 239 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 400
First Edition Date - 02/2017
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

The grand Indian Naval tradition is a vital aspect in Indian history, but has limited resources in the regional languages. There are plenty of references about the naval tradition, but hardly has described it as Defensive Naval forces.
The arrival of the European rulers on Indian coast initiated the naval era in the Indian history. The European rulers entered the coast with the purpose of trade and gradually spread their political power in India. To achieve this they had strong naval forces which were not available with any of the Indian rulers. The naval forces established by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and then developed by the Angre dynasty were small but powerful enough to keep the European rulers at bay. The Maratha Naval force lost its reign in 1756 and for the next 200 years, India plunged into slavery. This book is not any historic story line, but the analysis and detailed information right from the establishment of the Maratha naval force by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, progressive contribution and development by the Angre dynasty, constitution of Naval force, ships, cannons, defense tactics with supportive historic references, thus making it a detailed summary of distinctive era of Maratha Navy.
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