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Author - Shriniwas Gadkari
Price - Rs. 45
No. of Pages - 88 Pages
Size - 20cm x 13.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 45
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    The author Shriniwas Gadkari has described about the town Roha located about 100 kms from Pune & Mumbai.

    Among the historic aspects, author includes the description of historic bridge built in the year 1580 by Kazi Allauddin. This town has nearly 200 to 2500 years history while the main village 'Ashtami' has a history of 800 to 1000 years.

    In this book, author has described, the history of Roha, geographical order of the town, people and their cultural life very effectively. All the pains taken by people can be known from the description of the period before industrialisation and post industrialisation. The deeds of great people born in Roha like C. D. Deshmukh, Pandurangshastri Athawale, Mama Kshirsagar, Tatyasaheb Kunte, Gangal advocate are mentioned.

    Moreover author describes the area nearby Roha as forts like Tala, Surgad, Avchitgad, Ghosala, Birwadi, Phansad, Sanctury, Kuda caves. The villagers of 'Ashtami' village cultivate rice in this region. 'Ruh' means plant of rice and later on the place was turned as 'Roha'. This has been mentioned in the gazetteer as 'Ustam' taken from word 'Uttam' i.e. best in marathi language. In ancient period, there was creek of Kundalika river and a port built on it.Even today remains of this port can be seen.

    In a nutshell, detailed information about Roha in terms of its history, geography, political and cultural aspects are covered in the book.

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