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Author - Sadashiv A. Joglekar
Price - Rs. 300
No. of Pages - 560 Pages
Size - 22cm x 14.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 260
First Edition Date - 1952
Current Edition Date - 1993
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
Geographically Sahyadri is a major part of Maharashtra and so attains vital importance in hisotry. Perfect comprehensive collection of these exclusive mountain ranges with actual historical facts can be said as the characteristic of 'Sahyadri'.

Author has put forth the biography of Sahyadri in detail with the facts witnessed by it. The book describes the greatness of the gigantic Sahyadris with various suitable sections done by the author in this book

The book narrates the development of Sahyadris, its demographic features, the forts in Sahyadri and relative history, the caves in Sahyadris, with their historic importance, coastal Sahyadri, relation of Lord Parshuram with Sahyadris, the factors relating with Sahyadris, various people.

Moreover author Mr. Jogalekar also mentions Sahyadris importance and present it in form of various maps, grids, diagrams for us to get known with Sahyadris.
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