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Author - Mandar Lavate
Price - Rs. 180
No. of Pages - 112 Pages
Size - 24cmx17.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 150
First Edition Date - 03/2018
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  Language - Marathi/Modi
    About The Book
This book is written by Mandar Lawate and Bhaswati Soman.
During the pre-British era, letters were written with the help of a boru, which was made from bamboo during british era a nibwas attached to boru in the front, due to which the font would be small. Cast letter writing with Tak started in the initial British rule. Documents like Purchase, mortgage, rent, birth certificate, land records, residual letter were written in such manner. It is possible to read the letters only with practice, which were not written in much neat manner. This book is very purposeful, with proper briefing given under suitable letters.
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