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Author - Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Price - Rs. 220
No. of Pages - 183 Pages
Size - 21cmx15cm
Web Price - Rs. 210
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

'Asamant' is a book based on compilation of few articles related to various observations while in the lap of nature. It consists of short stories of flower loving person right from his childhood, later study and inquisitiveness while in nature. He found interest in the vital parts of the nature i.e. birds, animals, insects, reptiles, plants and further studies them. Such study had some enriched experiences which are shared here in this book.

Addition to these experiences narrated by the author, he supports them by various poetic lines by famous people and therby giving the life to this book narration by colourful, pictursque photos of related birds, animals, flowers and plants proving educative for us.

The subjects of these articles relate to the disappearance of sparrows, rare flowers, and some observations, an account on Bhimashankar forest, spotting a rare bird 'fairy blue bird', flowery kas plateau, nature around fort Sinhagad and insect-eating plants.

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