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Author - Satish Pande
Price - Rs. 350
No. of Pages - 217 Pages
Size - 18.5cmx9.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 350
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    Lonavla & Khandala attract a large numbers of visitors all over the country. Author finds it important to bring to the notice of visitors of such places about the conservation of nature. Birds are the indicators of our environment. This book records the existing diversity of bird life one should experience and nurture for better future.

    This book proves to be quite illustrative with high class photographs and is user friendly which has essentials about the nomenclature and habitats also given are the pointers of identification to highlight the species and their family name. The common name and scientific name. Size form tip of bill to tip of tail is given in cm. photographs given are also high class and of high quality. Endangered species are also listed in the book for reference.

    Inspite of rich in bird life, this region remains poorly documented and thus as a step towards local biological diversity, author has brought forwards this book for effective conservation too. Along with the birds in Lonavla & Khandala region, some butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and mammals are also mentioned. The index of scientific names, marathi names and common names are also provided which prove this book as a good handy guide to all the nature lovers, trekkers, students, ornithologists too.

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