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Author - N.R.Patil
Price - Rs. 110
No. of Pages - 102 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 100
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

     Author has described 3 distinct forts built by Shivaji Maharaj which are Raigad,Rajgad and Pratapgad.these forts have immense importance as they witness major part of history related to Maharashtra making us more proud for the bravery and sacrifice for the nations freedom.

     Each fort has its own characteristic notable history which emphasizes with the events related to Shivaji Maharaj.Author gives a detailed account of each fort with its map,the detailed historic events held on each fort with the reference given.In addition to the above, proper proximity of the fort,how to go,places of importance on the fort to see which prove to be a good reference indeed.

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