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Author - Mahesh Tendulkar
Price - Rs. 75
No. of Pages - 95 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 75
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
This is another historic, informative, yet an entertaining book by author Mangesh Tendulkar. Mogal Emperor Mahiyuddin Mohammad Aurangzeb alias Alamgir was synonymous to cruelty, in descent atrocities, disrespect about other region. But this was one side of the coin. Other side of the coin had the qualities of Aurangzeb like wittiness, diplomatist, bravery and respect about self-religion. With the both sides of coin, aurangzeb had simple living but cruel mind.
The book covers various funny incidents which occurred in the tenure of Aurangzeb. In some incidents, he laughed to fullest extend bur also cried like a small child at times. These are the facts and author compiles some painful and witty, humorous incident in this book.
Basically it is very difficult to drive the information in so detail about Aurangzeb or the Mughals, but all this was possible only from an Italian person Nikolav Manuchi who by chance happened to reach in Mughal empire and started working there. he had to play many roles like chief of weapon house, or a doctor, legal adviser and during which he came in contact with rarely whole of the Mughal empire and its administration. With his keen observation power, Manuchi wrote autobiographical collection in four parts-Storia DoMagor-majorly in Portuguese language and some in French and Italian language. Later it was translated in English, which was taken as a reference by author as a compilation of interesting and humorous incidents in Mughal empire.
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