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Author - Sachidanand Shevde
Price - Rs. 230
No. of Pages - 232 Pages
Size - 21cmX14cm
Web Price - Rs. 205
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
The Period in which people were struggling to live against the attrocities of the Mughal empires, sardars buzy in making their own wealth and lands.The same time, Shivaji Maharaj introduced and came ahead with a dream of about Hindavi Swaraj and its establishment. Due to the various ideas of nonvoilence, the warfare strategies and tacts have become very rare.

With proper indepth study, Shivaji Maharaj used the techniques of warfare from economics of kautilya can be known from this book as co-related with various historic incidents . for eg.:- why did Shivaji got himself stuck in the attack of Siddhi Johar; selection of Panhalgad for this purpose, what did Shivaji achive by going to Vishalgad from Panhalgad. The detailed analysis on such topics is done in this book.

In addition, this book contains the distinct advices given by Samarth ramdas to Shivaji Maharaj, a letter by samarth depicting certain aspects while Afzalkhan was to visit Maharashtra which is in form of shlokas. Certain evidence also prove the metting of Shivaji Maharaj and Swami Samarth , and the influence of thoughts of Samarth Ramdas in the warfare tacts used.

The book not only contains the warfare tacts but also its purpose,influence of great people, analysis of the that period and accordingly the decisions taken.
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